Undoubtedly, the most beautiful thing about traveling in the Balkans is the emotional bond between us for 5 centuries. The journey to the lands where Atatürk grew up, the Turkish population that still speaks Turkish, and the architectural and cultural traces left behind by the Ottomans touch the heart of people. It is therefore a much more emotional journey than elsewhere in Europe. Macedonia, the sweet Balkan getaway right under our noses, is a suitable place for weekend trips, as it is a visa-free country that can be visited from Turkey, with a flight that takes only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Istanbul, and with its compactness that can fit in 3-4 days. We have prepared a guide that takes you to the most beautiful places to visit in Macedonia without wasting time, thinking about what gift to bring to your mother from your telephone line in Turkey. Here are our suggestions for a 4-day Macedonian tour. What kind of a trip awaits you in Macedonia / What kind of a place – Macedonia is a